Night Spaces

August 23, 2018--Boulder Adventist Church

August 24, 2018--Caffè Sole



Distance de Fée (1951) by Tōru Takemitsu

Leslee Smucker, violin, Joshua Sawicki, piano

Night Thoughts (2004) by Chen Yi

    Colleen White, flute, Adam Riggs, cello, 

    Jessica Nilles, piano


Aure (2011) by Kaija Saariaho

    Leslee Smucker, violin, Zack Reaves, cello

Chamber Music no. 1: Les Fête Nocturnes (1959)  Bohuslav Martinů 

    Timothy Cuffman, violin, Megan Healy, viola, 

    Adam Riggs, cello, Kellan Toohey, clarinet, 

    Kathryn Harms, harp, Jessica Nilles, piano


Night Spaces explores the beauty and mystery of four unique and special composers. Tōru Takemitsu's work Distance de Fée is based on a poem of the same name. The mystifying harmonies leave the listener thinking of warm starry nights--enveloped in a velvet dark blue sky. Chen Yi's work Night Thoughts is sparse with flute licks and textural cells trading between the cello and piano that creates a collage of layers that fit together as a whole. Kaija Saariaho uses beautiful textures and counterpoint to illustrate Aure. She writes, “Aure…Breeze, breath, air: We were caressed by a gentle breeze that our ancient language called ‘aure’; a kind of delicate morning breeze misty and scented in the dew.” Martinů's work, Chamber Music no. 1: Les Fêtes Nocturnes, is just that: a night party! This lively piece for clarinet, piano, harp, violin, viola, and cello encompasses the full range of night life—from the sounds of scattering bugs to a glimpse of a grandiose universe beyond ourselves.